Monique Wales works primarily in relief and intaglio printmaking. Her artwork is largely nature-inspired, particularly by the magnificent mountain areas in and around Yosemite. Monique hopes to impart on her audience the importance of wild spaces and shine a light on their increasingly threatened inhabitants. She strives to bring into her work the feelings of peacefulness, serenity and wonder she experiences when witnessing the world outside our walls.

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Nestled on a mountainside just outside of Yosemite National Park, daily doses of inspiration are just outside the studio door.

Red Tail Studios is located in Oakhurst, California.  Visitors are most welcome by appointment. (Hey, we might be hiking!)



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Sometimes, I remember to hit the record button on the iPhone from time to time while I’m in the studio. The videos on this page range between showing the process from start to finish to more basic slideshows of finished works in a series.

New Works

A compilation of recent and favorite works from the studio can be found here. Peruse. Enjoy.

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