The Trickster – Yosemite (February 2016)

The Trickster – Yosemite  (February 2016, 24″ x 18″, linocut)The Trickster – Yosemite  (February 2016, 24″ x 18″, linocut)

Coyotes are socially complex, intelligent, opportunists who deserve more respect than they receive. These cleanup and vector control specialists are essential parts of the food web. Their adaptability brings them into contact with human population centers frequently, bringing these survivors under increasing attack. I find their beauty and tenacity alluring and love seeing them – from a distance. These wild creatures, who I hear nearly every night, have my admiration & respect.  Here’s a link to a video showing how ‘The Trickster – Yosemite’ was made:

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