Mending Fences

Fence Rehab - 335 feet of 18 year-old fence.  Mended, power-washed, stained.
Fence Rehab – 335 feet of 18 year-old fence. Mended, power-washed, stained.

I am not a multitasker.  I am the kind of person that likes to take a single project on at a time, and then pursue that task with focused intensity to completion.   This can be a boon ( in the case of Printmaking, my former life as a CFO, or in rearranging junk drawers).  But if I put too much on my plate, things do not go well.  In fact, my family actually starts imitating headless, flapping chickens running around in circles whenever I start exhibiting my panic at a long list of To-Do’s.

Right now, my life is a towering feast, held one-handed, on a flimsy paper plate.  As a consequence, some things are getting done well, some things not at all.  The feathers are flying.

I chose to prioritize & picked 3 things to try & accomplish this week.

LAX Team Mom:  I have spent an astounding 36 hours since Monday, mostly at night, organizing the roster, schedule, volunteer duties, etc. for my DD’s high school lacrosse team.  We have a new coach this year, who doesn’t know the school or its traditions & idiosyncrasies.  Coach is also not a big fan of the business end of running a team.  The woman does know lacrosse, though, and I’d rather have that than a great administrator any day!  Hopefully, the worst is over!

Fence Rehab:  Our Bay Area home has a beautiful red cedar fence that was built by my father & husband the year my daughter was born.  For 12 of those years, we lovingly power-washed and re-stained this architectural masterpiece every 2 years.  The perfect window of opportunity must be found;  In the Winter, after pruning, but before foliage sprouts, with sunshine forecast for 2 weeks.  We’ve been bad.  Luckily, our punishment for skipping the last 6 years has been relatively light.  A post replaced here, a few planks there. And over there.  Don’t forget that one.  Oh, damn.  Anyway, the DH got it done, all is well.  Fence mended!

Then power-washing the 335 feet (and double sided, mind you!) only took 7 days.  Oh my.  DH wanted to murder me, but how could we leave an un-mended, algae & mold encrusted fence for the new owners?!  And Dad built it!  Most of the realtors agreed that we should fix it if it would only cost our time & not big $$$.  So, he labored at that, while I barely stayed ahead of him with the slashing back of the forest of climbing roses, Chinese lanterns, kiwi vines and salvia that were entwined in its slats.  The end is near – only 80 more feet to stain and we have 3 more days of sun forecast to do it in!

Realtor Roulette:  We researched and interviewed, toured them through the house, even had a whole troupe from one office go through to get a consensus about the possible listing price.  (The place was spotless for days!   Kinda nice!)  We’ve narrowed it down to 3 realtors and they all come up with roughly the same $$, have the same advice and offer the same services.  They were all glowingly recommended!  The plan was to go to their Open Houses and watch them at work, but there is so little inventory for sale, there are no Open Houses!  No idea how we will choose…

Then, there is a whole list of To-Dos that are Sierra House-related, including tile work to do, and the new kitchen design, bathroom fixtures & mirrors to order.  I can’t forget the new Printmaking series, which is barely off the sketch pad or the college checklist for the DD, as well as the everyday stuff like laundry, paying bills, grocery shopping…  (sigh)

And while my plate is still full, it seems like I may have switched out the paper for glass.  Now, I just have to avoid the banana peels.

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