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McClain's Printmaking Supplies 2013 Catalog - And look who's on Page 7!
McClain’s Printmaking Supplies 2013 Catalog – And look who’s on Page 7!

Forget the Super Bowl! The moment in February I always look forward to has arrived!

My 2013 McClain’s catalog hit the mailbox!  Full color photographs of drool-worthy supplies and tools for the Relief Printmaker, it is also stuffed with inspirational art from McClain’s fans, both beginners and well-known, established artists.  Flipping through, I found my A Flutter of Monarchs on Page 7; Such a treat!

If you are a Printmaker and haven’t been to McClain’s online, you must go!  Besides their first-hand knowledge of the art itself and their superb, high-quality selection, they are the most helpful, friendly people and a delight to buy from!  Their link is on the Sidebar!

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