Trial by Fire: Bushtit’s Nest

I was just about to give a lovely, little update on the super-carving-intensive, 9-color, single-plate, reduction linocut I had been working on for its debut at my first ever Sierra Art Trails in early October, when a series of unhappy, fire-related delays began.  We’ve been evacuated or pre-evacuated 3 times in the last month, withContinue reading “Trial by Fire: Bushtit’s Nest”

Catalog Cameo

Forget the Super Bowl! The moment in February I always look forward to has arrived! My 2013 McClain’s catalog hit the mailbox!  Full color photographs of drool-worthy supplies and tools for the Relief Printmaker, it is also stuffed with inspirational art from McClain’s fans, both beginners and well-known, established artists.  Flipping through, I found myContinue reading “Catalog Cameo”

And So It Begins…

Happy Chinese New Year!  Nothing like a shot of Auspiciousness to kick start a fresh beginning! I’ve decided that February is a much better month for new ventures anyway.  (You can read the About page for the reasons for starting this blog!) After a January filled with paperwork, the flu, paperwork, and more paperwork, I amContinue reading “And So It Begins…”